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Clone of Meet the Author

Sergio Sedas, PhD

The father of Intentional Possibility

Helps people and organizations make a difference, get noticed and attract and create new growth opportunities.

About Dr. Sergio Sedas

Funded by NASA, the US Airforce, National Science Foundation and CONACYT he obtained two masters and a PhD in Robotics and Conputational Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Under the guidance of Red Whittaker, Ramesh Krishnamurti, and Sarosh Talukdar he performed his research at both the Engineering Design Research Center and the Field Robotics Center at Carnegie Mellon. He is a member of the founding teams that developed ASE (Automated Simultaneous Engineering) and DANTE (the first robot in history to enter a live volcano in the South Pole).  

Looking to make a difference in manufacturing and education, he embarked on a path that led him to incorporate multiple companies that developed state of the art robotic solutions for leading Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 automotive companies. His passion for education led him to develop NOLIMITS - an early development educational program using Context Based Learning [Sedas] and the first national program to increase resiliency, self confidence and a sense of purpose in young adults.

He is the Amazon Best Selling Author and father of Intentional Possibility and architect of multiple advanced leadership and personal transformation programs including "Bring Out the Best in You®",  "En16Horas Cambia tu Vida", "The Advanced Leadership Academy" & "The Intentional Possibility Challenge". Over one hundred thousand people have participated in his conferences, workshops and transformational programs.