Sergio Sedas, PhD

Amazon Best Selling Author
Engagement Advanced Leadership Consultant

Author of High Valued Leader®
lead, make a difference,
and scale up your career and your business. 

About Dr. Sergio Sedas

For more than 30 years he has helped leaders and organizations grow and increase productivity through advanced leadership development and state of the art robotic manufacturing technology. He is the founder of multiple companies that developed intelligent robotic solutions for leading Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 automotive manufacturing companies. He is also the author of multiple advanced leadership and personal transformation programs that have helped seasoned leaders in different parts of the world make a difference, make more money, and get better results.  

He is a member of the original team at Carnegie Mellon University that developed DANTE, the first robot in history to enter a live volcano in the South Pole.  Funded by NASA, the US Airforce, National Science Foundation and CONACYT he obtained two masters and a PhD in Robotics and Computational Design from Carnegie Mellon University where he worked at both the Engineering Design Research Center and the Field Robotics Center. 

Dr. Sergio Sedas is an International Amazon Best Selling Author, father of the Intentional Possibility Challenge and the author of 
High Valued Leader®, a transformational leadership program that helps leaders increase engagement, commitment, and a profound sense of belonging in your organization.  

As a Keynote speaker he is known to help the participants engage, innovate and challenge the status quo. 

In addition to his consulting practice, he is adjunct professor at the EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey. His passion for education led him to develop NOLIMITSan early development educational program using Context Based Learning [Sedas] and the first national program to increase resiliency, self confidence and a sense of purpose in young adults.

Dr. Sedas is available to work with you in your personal and leadership transformation programs.