HOW can we trigger a specific sequence of emails when a user starts a lesson? (or finishes a lesson?)

I am planning to give them an field assignment in some of my lessons, that will take them a couple of days, and I would like to communicate with them via email - send them notes of encouragement and/or instructions as they progress.

To do this:
1) you can give different tags when users complete lessons. https://i.imgur.com/YPFgL2N.png 

2) Use DAP automation engine >> Tag Automation to set up tag automation rules. You can configure DAP to send an email when users get a specific tag. https://i.imgur.com/FoNsbAp.png

I am going to define a TAG when they finish a lesson and create an automation that will spark a number of emails from Active Campaign, reminding people to take care of the assignments of that week. When they finish a course. 

When they finish a course, send them a quiz for them to validate their work. 

When they finish a course - add points with Game of Points

When they finish a course - remind them of the next course they are going to take