8 things you can do to increase your visibility and Attract People to your Projects

by Sergio Sedas - Helping leaders become the leader that EVERYONE wants to have.

Are you a manager, project manager or leader and would like to increase your visibility ? Here are 7 things you can do.

1. Become a Kick Ass Problem Solver and Value Creator by fully understanding their "job to be done" and the other peopleĀ“s needs. I recommend a book titled "Jobs to be Done" by Anthony W. Ulwick

2. Make it about them. Everyone is a hero in their own story. Your job is not to be the hero, but rather to be the guide - the person that enables the hero to overcome their own problems.

3. Take 100% Responsibility. A good project manager fully understands that when things work well and a project succeeds, it is because of the team - the team made it happen. If a project fails it is on you. You have the power and responsibility to manage the project, identify critical issues, resolve critical issues, help your team communicate, help your team succeed.

4. Forget "responsible" and start using "owner". Every task has to be done by someone. Assigning people "responsible" does not give them the authority to do whatever needs to get done, it does not help people see that they have the power and control to make decisions and look for ways to getting it done, it does however assign someone to "blame" if it does not get done. A simple yet powerful distinction is to begin to use "owners" in tasks, projects and initiatives. A person becomes the "owner" of a task with the authority, freedom, and responsibility that it entails.

5. Leave the ego and the fears out the door. Being PM is challenging and will spark a ego and fears - "will the project get done on time", "how will I look if it does not" ... getting the job done is NOT about how you will look or move ahead, it is simply about getting the job done. Do NOT let EGO and fears get in the way. Put them aside. It is NOT about you. And then under the new optic, figure out how you can help your team succeed.

6. Create a safe space. Avoid the "blame game". Blame instigates fear - which in turn will cause your team to hoard information, keep secrets, avoid being exposed, and avoid taking risks to get things done. Do you really want "accountability" in your team ? Accountability will never exist in an environment where people are afraid of being blamed for fails and failure. Create a safe space.

7. Celebrate along the way. Taking the time to constantly and frequently celebrate what IS happening will activate the chemicals in your brain and the brain of everyone in your team that promotes motivation, hope, joy and gratitude. A strong dose of these are needed when you and your team face adversity. I always start my meetings with a round of celebrating "what is new and good" where people ONLY share what worked and what did succeed. This elevates the group frequency and allows us to face what did not work and the challenges that lay ahead in a different light.

8. Network. Give yourself the time to get to know people and become memorable. I was recently at a CEO Space Conference and @Berny Dohrmann founder of CEO Space invited us to get out and meet people. He then suggested something I had never heard of before at a networking event - "Go and meet people. Ask them about themselves. Find out what makes them tick, what they are working towards, what are their biggest concerns, and make sure to ask them what they need and how you may serve them". I did it, and it is very powerful way to network and meet people. "What do you need, and how can I serve you?"

Any thoughts or comments ? Leave them here. And let me know, what do you do to be the leader that everyone wants to have?


Sergio Sedas
Helping leaders become the leader that EVERYONE wants to have.

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