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Build your support by connecting with people

Successful leaders like former president Barack Obama, sir Richard Branson & Jimmie Johnson are experienced at connecting with people. And they do this by making you feel that YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in their life, at least during the time you are with them.

In his book, "The Motivation Myth", Jeff Haden shares his experience with incredibly successful people:

"There is an old saying "you never want to meet people you admire because in real life they will only disappoint". In the last few years I have met dozens of incredibly successful people and found that nothing could be further from the truth.

A famished Richard Branson apologized for having a sandwich delivered during our interview; then he offered me half, saying he wouldn´t be able to eat unless I joined him.
Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett´s management rep told me we had twenty minutes max for our interview. Kirk winked at me and did forty great minutes. Then he hung out and met other Inc. staffers. Then he invited my wife and me to see the band perform at Webster Hall. (Best Show ever.)
Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson sat down to talk, even though he was two hours past his scheduled departure time, because he new I had waited. (And then he set me up with his triathlon trainer, Jamey Yon.)"

Here are 3 tips that will help you connect with others.

a. When you are with someone, be with them. Remember, they are THE MOST IMPORTANT person in the room. Put your phone in your pocket. If it is an emergency, they will call back.

b. Be truly interested not interesting. Ask about them, their goals and struggles. It is all about them, not you. Being interested is much better than trying to sound interesting.

c. Kind and sincere gestures make people feel good. Be there to serve. Imagine how you would feel if Sir Richard Branson stood up to serve you a cup of coffee. Now imagine how your guests will feel when you do the same.  Keep your eyes open, stay on the edge and be aware of their needs. 

Whether they work for you or you just met them on the way to the train, the moment that they are with you, people are your guests. Honor them as such. Treat them as such.  

People may not remember what you said. But they will definitely remember how you made them feel.

Remember to leave me your comments below. I will reply. Let´s get connected. 

To your success !

- Sergio Sedas | Engagement & Leadership Consultant

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